About the work

Ansel Adams once noted that the negative was much like a musical score and the print the performance. This is no less true now than when he wrote this, and a philosophy I have adopted for both my real estate work and my landscape images. I do not feed multiple exposures into an HDR software program and provide my customers with whatever it spits out. Although it would save me so much time if I did. Instead I edit each image separately. This allows me to accurately display the natural light, color and tone of any room. Of course I shoot my images with this in mind, usually using multiple flash units to ensure even lighting. For more information on what makes a good real estate image please read this.


12 Images for $120. If you have a small property or even a larger one that only requires a few images. I think quality is sometimes more important than quantity and 12 great images have more of an impact than 20-30 poor images. Clients are much more likely to click onto the next listing if the images are not good.

30 images for $180. Most homes between 2000 sf and 3500 sf benefit from this number of images. Studies have shown that online shoppers suffer from “click fatigue” particularly when viewing say 3 angles of the same small room.

Virtual staging is $20 per image. What is virtual staging? I can digitally insert furniture, rugs, televisions etc into empty rooms. All of the rooms shown in the virtual staging gallery were vacant when shot, and furnishings added after.

Usually less than 24 hour turnaround time

There may be additional charges for travel.

Please contact me if you require something other than what you see here.